Tuseme Children’s Empowerment Trust, Tanzania

Current Impact

Scott Fifer’s GO Campaign has made a second delivery of water filters to Tuseme Children’s Empowerment Trust in the summer of 2015. The filters will provide clean drinking water for up to 1,200 people.

About Tuseme Children’s Empowerment Trust, Tanzania

Tuseme Children’s Empowerment Trust (TUCET) was founded in 2005 by Dominic Balama, a lawyer and social worker. “TUCET was created to give a voice to vulnerable youth, initially street boys and later all young children. TUCET was one of GO Campaign’s first partners.” TUCET improves the lives of vulnerable children, many of whom have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS deaths in the community. Dominic is dedicated to helping 30 of these youth, and hopes to grow the organization to serve all who need his help, care, and services.

Learn more about TUCET .

Visiting Kilimanjaro, Tanzania? Take some water filters and become a Clean Water Ambassador, to learn more about how you can help with please contact us.

Meet the Ambassador(s) Behind This Project.

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