• Cole with Dr. Stephen Smith , Clean Water Ambassador to Rwanda and Executive Director of the USC Shoah Foundation

Ambassador’s Profile

Dr. Stephen D. Smith
UNESCO Chair on Genocide Education
Executive Director of the USC Shoah Foundation
University Of Southern California
Los Angeles, California, USA

Mission and Potential Impact

Dr. Stephen D. Smith delivered 12 filters, potentially providing up to 1,200 people with clean drinking water to Rwanda, Africa.

Clean Water Ambassador’s Story

Dr. Stephen D. Smith is involved in memorial projects around the world. He was the executive producer of Kwibuka 20, the 20th anniversary commemoration of the Rwanda Genocide that was held in April 2014.

When he traveled to Rwanda for Kwibuka 20, he also became the first Ambassador for the Clean Water Ambassadors Foundation. The water filters he took to Rwanda were delivered to ASPIRE Rwanda, a women’s center that delivers vocational training and education to vulnerable women living in poverty.

As the Executive Director of the USC Shoah Foundation, Dr. Smith “is committed to making the testimony of survivors of the Holocaust and of other crimes against humanity a compelling voice for education and action.”

In October 2013, Dr. Smith was named the inaugural UNESCO Chair on Genocide Education where he collaborates “with genocide researchers and educators around the world to develop educator training and multidisciplinary programs that foster learning about the causes and effects of mass violence.”

“Dr. Smith is currently a delegate of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. He was the project director responsible for the creation of the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre in Rwanda and trustee of the South Africa Holocaust and Genocide Foundation.”

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Dr. Stephen Smith Leads the Following Project(s)

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