St. Paul’s School, Cange, Haiti

Current Impact

The filters will provide clean drinking water for up to 100 people. An additional 10 filters were purchased by Carole Cotter of Saint Mathew’s Parish School in Pacific Palisades, CA resulting in a total impact of 1,100 People.

About St. Paul’s School, Cange, Haiti

St. Paul’s school outside of Cange, Haiti is a partner with St. Mathew’s Parish School, Pacific Palisades, CA, and National Cathedral School/St. Alban’s School, Washington, D.C.. About a 2 hour hike from Cange the school services 40-85 students from the surrounding farms and villages. “Many Episcopal priests in Haiti have oversight of several congregations, schools, and stations; the priest in charge of the area in which St. Paul’s is located has 15 under his oversight! Our partnership contact is Pere (Fr.) Amirold Lazard who cares for four PreK-6th grade schools and their adjoining churches.”

Learn more about St. Paul’s School .

Visiting Cange, Haiti? Take some water filters and become a Clean Water Ambassador, to learn more about how you can help with please contact us.

Meet the Ambassador(s) Behind This Project.

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