Seametrey Children’s Village, Cambodia

Current Impact

The filters will provide clean drinking water for up to 600 people.

About Seametrey Children’s Village, Phenom Penh, Cambodia

In the summer of 2015 Cole Kawana travelled to Cambodia as part of an investigative journalism class with Harvard-Westlake. 2015 marked the 40th anniversary of the Cambodian genocide perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge. While primarily there to film documentary footage for a future film Cole also brought along water filters and prearranged a meeting with Muoy You.

Mouy You escaped the Killing Fields when she won a scholarship in 1972 to study in France. Tragically her entire family perished in the genocide. Returning to Cambodia in 2003 she founded Seametrey Children’s Village which is dedicated to educating the young and returning self-esteem to the Cambodian people.

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