• Cole with Mr. Scott Fifer, Clean Water Ambassador to Tanzania, Kenya, Haiti, Peru and Founder of the GO Campaign

Ambassador’s Profile

Scott Fifer
Founder & Executive Director
Go Campaign
Santa Monica, California, USA

Mission and Potential Impact

Scott Fifer has delivered over 80 filters, potentially providing up to 8,000 people with clean drinking water. He has delivered clean water to Haiti, Tanzania, and South America.

Clean Water Ambassador’s Story

“In 2005 Scott took a volunteer vacation to Tanzania where he worked at a center for street children. It was the best month of his life and it led him to found GO Campaign to help vulnerable children all over the world who are falling through the cracks but who have the good fortune to have a local hero in the community fighting for their future.”

“I founded Go Campaign because I met, and fell in love with, kids in need, kids who were falling through the cracks but who had so much potential. International aid is made up of well-intentioned people, but it often falls far short, and there is often so much waste. My vision for GO Campaign is that we continue to meet the needs of children around the world in the most compassionate, efficient, and holistic way possible without encouraging dependency on aid. We’ve got to remain nimble and flexible, listening to our partners on the ground, partnering with other nonprofits, willing to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others, while always being strict stewards of donor funds. Every time I’m out in the field, visiting funded projects or finding new ones to support, I am both thrilled and humbled to see how easy it is to change a child’s life, and I want GO Campaign to spread that feeling to others as together we work to transform communities, one child at a time.”

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