Sakala, Haiti

Current Impact

The filters will provide clean drinking water for up to 600 people.

About Sakala, Haiti

Founded in 2007 by Daniel Tillias, Project Director, “SAKALA has educated 1600 children on peace building and none of its alumni have joined gangs. Many have continued on to university after graduating high school. The most successful of SAKALA‚Äôs programs are its sports programs where teams have earned Fair Play Awards at local tournaments.” Located in Cite Soliel, Haiti’s largest slum, Sakala encourages peace in Haiti through sports.

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Visiting Port-Au-Prince, Haiti? Take some water filters and become a Clean Water Ambassador, to learn more about how you can help with please contact us.

In this video Sakala & Soil created a garden in a previous dump in the city of Cite Soleil, Haiti

Meet the Ambassador(s) Behind This Project.

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