Ambassador’s Profile

Michael Vopatek D.C.
Los Angeles, California, USA

Mission and Potential Impact

Michael Vopatek D.C. has supported Gabriel House in Maneadero, Baja Mexico for many years transporting much needed food, clothing and toys south of the border. In 2015 Michael was able to add one filter to his load of supplies. Even though Gabriel House has access to water it is not sanitary. With one filter Michael has provided up to 100 people with clean drinking water.

Clean Water Ambassador’s Story

I am proudly a Clean Water Ambassador (CWA). One thing I have learned from my travels around the world is that people are generally good hearted and want to do good for others but don’t always have an opportunity. Clean Water Ambassadors Foundation (CWAF) gives people a tangible vehicle to do good.

Isn’t leaving a strong noble legacy one of the goals of an evolved culture? Working with CWAF has allowed me to take my charitable work with the Gabriel House Orphanage ( in a new innovative direction. CWAF makes it easy for you to turn your trip to an exotic location into an “Adventure with Heart”. It is an opportunity for authentic, meaningful, “Cultural Immersion”.

You’re an “Ambassador of Goodwill” and best of all, participation gives you a story you’ll be proud to tell your children and grandchildren, inspiring them to incorporate goodwill and chivalrous work into their lives.

If we all do our small part, collectively, we’ll see great changes in our lifetime.

Best in Health & Happiness
Dr. Michael Vopatek

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