Made In The Streets, Kenya

Current Impact

The filters will provide clean drinking water for up to 1,000 people.

About Made In The Streets, Kenya

“The mission of Made in the Streets is rescuing children from the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, loving them fully, equipping them to earn a living and sending them out to a new life.” “When a child goes to the streets, he or she usually joins a gang, known as a base. Base life is dangerous and drug use is rampant. Glue is one of the most common drugs used by street children. It is cheap, readily available and highly addictive. The substance is huffed out of bottles and results in a debilitating high. Most street children suffer physical and sexual abuse by other homeless youth.” Made In The Streets houses, educates and gives these children skills training to prepare them in building a new life once they exit their program.

With support from the Pepperdine University and Clean Water Ambassadors Foundations, Made In The Streets has received 10 water filters. Supplying clean drinking water for up to 1,000 children.

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Visiting Nairobi, Kenya? Take some water filters and become a Clean Water Ambassador, to learn more about how you can help with please contact us.

Meet the Ambassador(s) Behind This Project

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