• Cole with Mr. Jeff MacIntyre , Clean Water Ambassador to Belize and Emmy Award winning producer and documentarian

Ambassador’s Profile

Jeff MacIntyre
Los Angeles, California, USA

Mission and Potential Impact

In 2014, Jeff delivered three filters to San Marcos, Belize, providing clean water for 300 people for up to five years.


Clean Water Ambassador’s Story

About the size of Massachusetts, Belize is a small country that’s big on personality and rich in culture. I’ve been traveling to this part of Central America for over a decade. Working to provide compassionate care to Belize’s indigenous population has been incredibly rewarding. Aside from medical and dental services, one particular need we haven’t been able to address was access to clean drinking water. Honestly, it wasn’t on my radar until I discovered Clean Water Ambassadors Foundation (CWAF). While Belize has systems in place to deliver potable water to its people, in many locations, it’s not always safe to drink.

After learning about CWA’s mission, I felt it was a perfect fit for our program and took a couple filters to the south of Belize. I’ll never forget the look on the faces of Mayan women and children as they watched dirty river water transform into safe, drinkable water. It was magical. CWA’s filter system is an easy solution to many issues presented by “life in the jungle”.

While we consider clean drinking water a given…a right…for many indigenous populations, it’s a luxury, a scarce commodity. CWAF’s filters don’t just purify water, they make a statement that the lives of people in developing countries are just as valuable as those with “always on” clean water.

The gift of clean water must never be underestimated. These filters deliver freedom! Freedom from sickness and disease. Freedom to work and play another day. Freedom to live without worry of where the next clean glass of water will come from…or if it will come. I look forward to sharing more filters with the wonderful people of Belize.

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