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Hung Le
Associate Vice President and University Registrar
Pepperdine University
Malibu, California, USA

Mission and Potential Impact

Hung Lee is dedicated to giving all people their right to clean drinking water, one bucket at a time. Hung has delivered 10 filters, potentially providing up to 1,000 people with clean drinking water.

Clean Water Ambassador’s Story

We are so grateful for the generosity of the Clean Water Ambassadors Foundation which allowed us to deliver 10 water filters to Made in the Streets (MITS) in Kenya. MITS works tirelessly to rescue children who live on the streets in Mathare Valley, one of the largest slums in Africa or Eastleigh, the Skid Row of Nairobi. These children are abandoned, abused and subsist on garbage. They live a life of despair and extreme poverty. Their existence is filled with suffering and heartaches. The water supply in Eastleigh and Mathare Valley is contaminated with waste and various bacteria. Street children often break pipes to get water. Garbage and waste seep into the water supply through those broken pipes. The staff at the MITS Eastleigh Center boils water before using it for drinking. The water filters we brought allow them to provide clean drinking water for hundreds and thousands of street children who come to the center for their programs and for help.

We also delivered water filters to the MITS School in Kamulu, a village about 35 kilometers outside of Nairobi. Here, rescued street children live, attend school and learn a trade skill. By the time they graduate at the age of 18, they have been loved on, lived in safety, gain literacy skills as well as a marketable trade, allowing them to apply for and get jobs. The water filters there allow the school to ensure a much cleaner water supply, reducing many water-borne illnesses and allowing for a much healthier community.

One of the most grateful recipients of a water filter was Victor Ngatia. Victor is a 7 year-old little boy who received a life-transforming surgery from Mending Kids International. When he first returned home, the village water supply caused severe kidney infection. Within one month, Victor had suffered four major kidney infection episodes. With the clean water, Victor now leads a healthy and joy-filled life. He is infection free. Truly the gift of the water filter is a gift of life for little Victor.

It was so rewarding to see the water filters affecting life and making it so much more abundant for the communities which received it. They are grateful for the incredible gift. Know that you are making a huge difference in the lives of so many through your loving generosity.

Hung V. Le
Associate Vice President and University Registrar
Pepperdine University

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