Fair Children Youth Foundation, Rwanda

Current Impact

The filters will provide clean drinking water for up to 500 people.

About Fair Children Youth Foundation, Rwanda

The Fair Children Youth Foundation (FCYC) is located in Musanze, Rwanda. It was founded in 2013 to help restore human rights and rebuild the shattered lives of the Rwandans. The area had suffered civil war, genocide and border tensions with the DRC and Uganda. FCYC’s mission is to “work together with all community members for our development. We promote strong community-based initiatives to solve problems and strengthen the capacity of our members – including and especially children, youth and women – to access the psycho-social, educational and economic resources they need to survive and flourish. We believe that strong mothers create strong children and youth, who are the future of our beloved Rwanda and our world.”

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Visiting Musanze, Rwanda? Take some water filters and become a Clean Water Ambassador, to learn more about how you can help with please contact us.

Meet the Ambassador(s) Behind This Project.

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